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Trauma can mean many things, but if it is something you consider to be traumatic then we can find ways to make living with that burden a little easier.


Let's be honest, life is a little crazy! And sometimes we worry about things more than we would care to admit.


Some days the thought of getting out of bed can feel unbearable. And maybe the things that used to bring you joy no longer feel the same.


Children did not come with any kind of instruction manual. And meeting their ever-growing needs can often feel overwhelming and downright frustrating.

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Brittany Rood, LMHC

I'm so happy you're here!


My name is Brittany! I am a self-proclaimed nerd, wannabe yogi, and a fiercely proud mother. 

So here's the "professional" stuff that you'll want to know before deciding to meet with me. I graduated with my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2016. However, overall I have over 10 years of collective professional experience that started well before I got my fancy degree. I have worked in a variety of settings before settling into outpatient therapy including in-home therapy, residential settings, emergency services, and community-based support. 

And now for the good stuff! I bring a relatable, authentic, and laid-back personality, while also being compassionate and supportive. Clients have often told me that I think outside of the box and help them to approach or think about situations differently. My style is eclectic because I tend to borrow from multiple evidence-based treatment modalities to suit everyone’s unique needs. Additionally, I am someone who has my own lived experience with trauma and all of the challenges that come with it. Underneath my credentials and special training, I am a real human being that will make sure that the therapeutic space that we develop is one that suits you!

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